The Daily News Podcast

Founded as the New York Daily News in 1923, The Daily News has had many names and owners over its history. Currently based in the Manhattan district of New York City, it has several bureaus throughout the area including ones at City Hall, One Police Plaza, and within the various state and federal courthouses of the city. The paper also publishes the online version, Daily News Online, which is a subscription product.

The digital edition offers a variety of news stories, as well as sports and entertainment features, and classified ads. It also contains editorial pieces, which may be op-eds or columns, and often includes photos from local and international events. The paper is printed with black ink, and it is normally folded. The layout and design of the newspaper vary between editions and between cities.

A typical newspaper has a large number of sections, each of which has its own headlines and subheadings. The main sections include national/international news; local news; sports; entertainment/amusements; and classified advertisements. The paper’s editorials are usually presented in the first section, and it sometimes has a separate opinion and analysis section as well.

As a medium, podcasting has been very effective in reaching younger audiences. In fact, the average age of a podcast listener is 20 years lower than that of radio listeners. This has made daily news podcasts a popular format for publishers looking to grow their audience in the age of streaming audio.

There are now 102 active daily news podcasts globally, up from 37 in the last year. The growth has been driven by publisher investment – particularly in Europe where public broadcasters and commercial publishers have taken the lead. The most common format is the deep-dive show pioneered by The Daily, followed by extended chat shows, a concise news round-up (such as the Guardian’s Today in Focus), and microbulletins aimed at smart speakers and streaming apps.

Daily news podcasts are an important element in the strategy of many subscription-based media organisations. These programmes are seen as a crucial way to build habits and loyalty in the digital age, while providing a strong revenue stream through advertising. The podcast format has also proved to be more resilient than print during the coronavirus pandemic, with most publishers reporting that advertising revenues have held up.

The daily news podcast ecosystem is developing rapidly, with a steady increase in both the number of shows and their length. This has been led by a new wave of podcasts from major publishers around the world, including DR in Denmark and RTÉ in Ireland. In addition, Apple has launched its own daily news podcast – the first from a platform company. Despite this rapid expansion, the majority of daily news podcasts are still produced by independent producers. However, a handful of major players – notably The Times and the Guardian – now produce their own shows. The New York Times’ The Daily, for example, has a dedicated production team of 15. These teams can do detailed research into topics and create narrative driven stories that attract large audience numbers.