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The New York Daily News, formerly known as the Illustrated Daily News, is one of the oldest and most successful tabloid newspapers in the United States. It was founded in 1919 and was the first of its kind to be printed daily in tabloid format. Today, it is owned by Tribune Publishing, a company based in Chicago that was previously known as Tronc. In addition to its newspaper, the Daily News also has a television station and a radio station.

During its early years, the Daily News boasted a circulation of 1.5 million. It was also a strong sports paper and an excellent source of local news.

The Daily News has long been a major force in American journalism, and it has won awards for both its commentary and feature writing. In 2017, it won the Pulitzer Prize for public service.

Although the Daily News was once a brawny metro tabloid, its stance on the political spectrum has become more moderate in recent years. For many decades, the Daily News was a staunch Republican newspaper, espousing conservative populism. But it has gained a reputation for being a moderate, centrist alternative to the right-wing New York Post.

While The Daily News continues to cover New York City, it has moved away from its former role as a tabloid, and now includes a strong sports section. It is also now a highly interactive publication. Users can swipe between newspaper pages and share stories through email. Also, the Daily News offers a mobile edition that allows users to download it for offline reading. This is the most convenient way to read the newspaper and enjoy its content.

When the Daily News moved from its original location in the heart of Manhattan to a new headquarters in West 33rd Street, the bench in the lobby of the old building was moved as well. Legendary boxing writer Jimmy Cannon sat on the bench during the move.

As the Daily News transitioned from a metropolitan tabloid to a website and digital platform, its staff of journalists began to worry about their future. Several employees started campaigns to save their publications. Before the coronavirus pandemic, Tribune Publishing offered buyouts to its journalists. Since then, it has imposed furloughs and pay cuts. Still, the Daily News has been able to attract a strong, loyal readership despite its declining circulation.

In his memoir, Death of the Daily News, Andrew Conte explores what happens to a town when it loses its local newspaper. The author provides a compelling narrative of grief and resilience. His book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in the fate of local news in an increasingly digital world.

Throughout his work, Conte shows empathy for people who have suffered loss. He sounds an alarm that the American public is failing to understand the importance of knowing about their community. And he provides a glimpse into how some are working to rebuild a new kind of local journalism.